Water Recycling

Eliminate Storage and Transportation Costs

WES’s water recycling systems are contained, mobile units that restores produced water for reuse in oilfield applications with a keen knowledge of fracturing fluid requirements.


WES’s water treatment system consists of compartmental units housed on separate trailers that can be quickly mobilized to centralized pits, frac locations and tank batteries or any water collection/treatment facilities. This decreased footprint allows for WES’s quick rig up and improved logistics.

Our Process

Our mobile plants break down emulsions, remove hydrocarbons, oxidize iron and other unwanted varieties, while at the same time eliminating all bacteria and solids content from any water source. The resulting fluids are clear, solids free brines ideal for fracturing operations.

Frac Water Treatment

WES’s patented systems for frac water management eliminates storage and transportation costs of produced and flowback water by treating the water at, or near, the well pad. WES’s systems include temperature controlled chemical mixing, dissolved air flotation, clarification and integrated PLC control systems. 


These reliable technologies, backed by experienced personnel, are easily deployed for immediate on-site treatment to improve water management operations. Our Integrated Treatment Systems are a complete mobile solution, engineered with a focus on frac water treatment at its core.

Our Innovative Solutions

Water Logistics Services

Vacuum trucks transport non-hazardous fluid or waste to or from well operations. The materials commonly carried include fresh water, field saltwater, most of the water is disposed of in our own SWD facilities.
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Frac fluid support is critical to keeping hydraulic stimulation jobs running. WES has a large fleet of frac tanks in the Permian and Eagle Ford
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Oil Reclamation

Oil reclamation & tank bottom disposal processes ensures maximum hydrocarbon recovery and minimum liability
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Saltwater Disposal

Handling produced fluids responsibly and efficiently through disposal injection wells, where produced water is run through a series of settling tanks prior to injection as WES creates a revenue stream through skim oil sales & disposal fees
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